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Half life weapons codes

half life weapons codes

Now you should see this.
There you will see: / weap #111;n clip/carry amm #111; capacities #define uranium_MAX_carry 100 #define _9MM_MAX_carry 200 #define _357_MAX_carry 36 #define buckshot_MAX_carry 125 #define bolt_MAX_carry 50 #define rocket_MAX_carry 5 #define handgrenade_MAX_carry 10 #define satchel_MAX_carry 5 #define tripmine_MAX_carry 5 #define snark_MAX_carry 15 #define hornet_MAX_carry 100 #define.
This can be changed, by simply changing the numbers.p -heapsize x, tells Half-Life how much RAM (memory) it can use.Cpp line 82 Add hookevent line 41 Add client-side event to list (again) Go master i margarita pdf into mod uniblue serial key 2012 name /events and add event file.First, go into your mod's directory.Other functions and variables will probably be necessary for any particular weapon, but obviously we cannot go through that here.For example, to enable developer's mode you would change the line to read: "C:SierraHalf-Lifehl.They have to worry about weight issues, you wont be able to walk.(Disclaimer: I know this works for SDK.2, I don't know about SDK.3.
Next, go to the very bottom of weapons.
p -wavonly, disables Direct Sound and plays SFX in wav files.
Upon running out of ammo in your clip, you will begin to reolad your weapon.
Const char *CBreakable:pSpawnObjects, nULL, / 0 "item_battery / 1 "item_healthkit / 2 "weapon_9mmhandgun 3 "ammo_9mmclip / 4 "weapon_9mmAR / 5 "ammo_9mmAR / 6 "ammo_ARgrenades / 7 "weapon_shotgun / 8 "ammo_buckshot / 9 "weapon_crossbow / 10 "ammo_crossbow / 11 "weapon_357 / 12 "ammo_357 /.
Type the following, where * is the key of your choice.
H, and add your weapon's class.Ammo_Gaussclip, ammo_Glockclip, ammo_MP5clip Ammo_MP5grenades Ammo_RPGclip p Items Item_airtank Item_antidote Item_battery Item_healthkit Item_longjump Item_security Item_sodacan Item_suit p Weapons Weapon_357 Weapon_9mmAR Weapon_9mmHandgun Weapon_Crossbow Weapon_Crowbar Weapon_Egon Weapon_Gauss Weapon_Glock Weapon_Handgrenade Weapon_Hornetgun Weapon_MP5 Weapon_Python Weapon_QuantumDestabilizer Weapon_RPG Weapon_Satchel Weapon_Shark Weapon_Shotgun Weapon_Tripmine p Enable Cheat mode.I will highlight my added code with bold face.glock, uTIL_PrecacheOtherWeapon( "weapon_9mmhandgun" util_PrecacheOther( "ammo_9mmclip" / mp5, uTIL_PrecacheOtherWeapon( "weapon_9mmAR" util_PrecacheOther( "ammo_9mmAR" util_PrecacheOther( "ammo_ARgrenades" / example weapon.Add the desired parameter to the end of the field that says target or CMD_line.We'll start off by explaining the stuff you need to do on the server side: Go to func_break.Then press (tilde) and enter noclip" at the console window.It can be totally empty, it just needs to be there.There are tutorials elsewhere on the web about what exactly.Next, go into the sprites directory and create a new text file called weapon_example.To zoom out, just go back to the crossbow and press 2nd attack.