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Mechanical engineering drawing book pdf

mechanical engineering drawing book pdf

Area of the section of the heat flow path, perpendicular to the direction of heat flow.
What do you understand by timed cylinder lubrication?
What is 3rd planit 10 keygen burnt-out point?The specific heat of a material is the ratio of the amount of heat transferred to raise unit mass of a material 1 degree in temperature to that required crack bus driver gratis to raise unit mass of water 1 degree of temperature at some specified temperature.Ans: Free energy (or Helmholtz function) is defined as/ u -Ts.The 70/30 brass has excellent deep drawing property and is used for making radiator fins.Ans: Magnesium is used to alloy with aluminium and as an additive for making SG (Spheroidal Graphite) iron.What is isotropic material?Why the electric motor of a fan with backward curved blades is never got overloaded under any condition?Discuss the role of manganese in alloying steels.
Why it is unsafe to have high water condition in boiler drum?
Ans: Stalling is a local phenomenon and it occurs when How breaks away from the blades.
Ans: It is a material having same elastic constants in all directions.
Alternate math credit: Grade 11 mathematics university/college preparation (3M university preparation (3U).
Ans: Fast breeder reactor.
Ans: Metallic bond is strongest and molecular bond also known as Vander Waals bond is weakest.Ans: Pressurised water reactor.Why an increase in area is required to produce an increase of velocity in case of supersonic flow?Are independent of mass.The steps include : Mining, refining uranium, fabrication of fuel elements, their use in nuclear reactor, chemical processing to recover remaining fissionable material, re-enrichment of fuel from recovered material, refabrication of new fuel elements, waste storage etc.Ans: Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulphur in coal on a weight percentage basis.Each form is known as allotrope.Water vapour volume is around 4000 times compared to R- for a given mass.What do you understand by critical points in iron, iron-carbide diagram?Ans: At the critical pressure ratio.