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Mohaa maps for multiplayer

mohaa maps for multiplayer

roundlimit 0 / games house hello kitty Inactive Spectate / This vst plugin fruity convolver sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player becomes a spectator.
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Installation: For MoH:AA: Just put these files in MoHAAmain directory jv_3 (bot script file by jv_map m ) jv_bot01_3 (updated bot script by jv_map, used in TOW manga studio 5 serial number location maps of SP BT) zzz_eaglear_aabot_3 (it contains bot script for 6 maps: mohdm1,2,3,5,6,7) zzzz_bastongne_3 (optional for custom map.For MoH:AA Spearhead: Just put these files in MoHAAmainta directory zzz_eaglear_spbot_3 (it contains bot script for all SP stock deathmatch maps) zzz_eaglear_spbot_3 (it contains bot script for all SP stock tug of war maps).This page lists all Medal of Honor (2010) maps.set g_teamkillkick 5 / Team Switch Delay / Frequency at which you can switch teams / set g_teamswitchdelay 15 / Allow Join Time / set g_allowjointime 30 / Keywords / Keywords which allow browsers to filter servers.900 (15 minutes) seconds is default.Kicks the server into gear /map "obj/obj_team1" / set g_gametype to 3 if the first map in the rotation is a dm, tow, or lib map / set g_gametype to 4 if the first map in the rotation is an obj map set g_gametype.To save server bandwidth, 60 seconds is default.Create g file or edit the existing and put this colorred/ Private Clients / Clients that require a password to join / set sv_privateclients 0 / set sv_privatepassword "password_for_slots" / Password / Allows you to set a password for the server / set g_password ".
maprotationtime 30 / Team Spawn Delay / This sets a delay in seconds between spawns.
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Bdbodger his Botmap maker system helped me a lot.
set g_inactivespectate 60 / Inactive Kick / This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player is kicked out of the game.
Jv_map for making such an excellent bots.fraglimit 100 / Map Rotation Time / This sets the maximum amount of time in minutes players will spend in a particular map.Mierro wrote: I created new mohaa server and I wish to allow users to play custom maps, so how I can do this, thank you you mean dm maps?The commented line below is just an example of how it works.Subcategories, this category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.See the readme file for the complete list of settings for this gametype.set g_forceteamspectate 1 / dmflags - flags that can be set in the dmflags variable.Retrieved from " ad blocker interference detected!set sv_gamespy 1 /seta sv_master1 "m" /seta sv_master2 "m" /seta sv_master3 "m" / seta sv_master4 "t" / Flood Protect / Limits amount of text a player can type / set sv_floodprotect 1 / Forces players to only be able to spectate behind their own team.