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Pokemon platinum walkthrough game

pokemon platinum walkthrough game

Birthday message Defeat the Elite Four.
Croagunk, use the following trick to tell if Croagunk are in the Safari Zone.Go through about three caves, until you find a new entrance.After that, you will have to name your friend, which is also your rival.Go to Pal Park, and talk to Professor motor car racing game Oak.Catch Cressilia the same way as Mesprit.At this point, Dawn comes over, seemingly very nervous that she had forgotten about the suitcase and that you and Rival have already used the Pokemon inside.The man sitting in the chair will ask you for a Pokemon selected randomly from Pokemon you have obtained in you Pokedex.Click the third options if you do not need any information.
Easy experience You can find a new opponent to battle every day at the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City.
Then he will further explain about the Pokémon world.
Keep on walking north and you'll arrive at Sandgem Town.
Here you select a team of 3 Pokémon and battle 7 trainers consecutively in each round.
You'll lead the way to, lake Verity by going through.
Turtwig, then Rival chose, chimchar.Talk to the man inside the house.After this battle, your new Pokemon will likely level up to level.Go downstairs and you see your mother, who tells you that Rival wants baldur's gate 2 shadows of amn (pc) to see you.Cynthia will be gone, and you can enter the cave she was previously blocking.Easy Pokemon in mansion, go to the mansion, and save the game.Go to Eterna City, and find Professor Oak.Red, gyarados in the Lake?