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Send fax using linux

send fax using linux

However, you may need only one or two of these more sophisticated clients to manage received faxes and set up the majority of network users with a less-sophisticated free client.
If so, answer No and correct any erroneous values.
Usage of this option is similar to the -d option and may be national geographic ultimate field guide to travel photography review done in conjunction with other -d and -z options.
Note that multi-word names must be enclosed in" marks; for example, 'Sam [email protected]'.You may also want to increase the time value for " Timeout when converting PostScript documents " if you fax long documents but you can just press Enter to accept the default values for the rest of the values.Debian and the Debian logo are registered trademarks of Software In The Public Interest, Inc.Trailing information in the time field (such as yyyy) is ignored.Cover-Regarding The regarding string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.'Joe Blow ' and ' (Joe Blow are acceptable.Assignments of the form variable value may appear before the command name to temporarily change the values of most fax script variables (e.g.Each fax to be transmitted is assigned the current value of parameters specified on the command line;.g.This can be done automatically by the fax send command or you can use the fax make command to do the conversion before sending the fax.(The exceptions are that Hyla FAX will terminate a job if 3 consecutive attempts to send a particular page fail, or if it appears the receiver is not a facsimile machine.) Use '-1' to indicate that no tries value should be specified to the server.When sending a fax with the fax send command you may dial the number manually and use the -m option or you may give the phone number on the command line.
Next we'll set up HylaFAX to run automatically when you boot the system.
Alternate page sizes are specified symbolically using either the name or abbreviation of an entry in the pagesizes (5F) database;.g.
However, if you are concerned with your desktop footprint, or want less trouble, you will probably want to find a simpler solution.
By default files are created at high resolution but you can use the optional -l argument to create files at low resolution.
A search through the Debian repositories indicate some fascinating possibilities, including tools for faxing via your sound card and a ham radio, but by far the easiest - and most compact - solution is an all-in-one printer that includes fax capacity.
(Equivalent to the -B game ps2 for pc full version gratis option.) DialRules The name of the file containing the dialstring processing rules to when preparing an externally visible representation of the dialstring (e.g.
By default Hyla FAX will use the lowest possible time supported by the transmitting modem and receiving facsimile device (unless restricted by other server configuration).(Equivalent to the -f option.) MaxDials The maximum number of times to dial the phone for each job.These files can be used to set script variables to custom values for a particular system, user and/or directory.Description sendfax submits one or more facsimile transmission requests.By default Hyla FAX reschedules jobs using retry times that depend on the manner in which the job failed; this interface permits a user to override this algorithm and specify a single fixed retry time for all communication failures.Time should be given in the user's local time.The non-default scheduler values will then be displayed with a confirmation prompt.