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Shrink database sql server 2008 r2 script

shrink database sql server 2008 r2 script

In your case where you switch it to simple and then switch it to full your logs will grow again.
Set @DBFileName to the name of database file to shrink.Set @TargetFreeMB to the desired file free space in MB after shrink.If you want to prevent further growing you need to set your database logging to simple (but only if you do Full Backups of your database!).Monthly Full backup, Weekly Full backup, and then every day incremental backup.Sql this script is used to shrink a database file in increments until it reaches a target free space limit.
Right click on your database, choose, properties, choose, options.
Run this script in the database with the file to be shrunk.
Select FileSize @SizeMB, UsedSpace @UsedMB, DBFileName @DBFileName end select EndFileSize @SizeMB, EndUsedSpace @UsedMB, DBFileName @DBFileName - Show Size, Space Used, Unused Space, and Name of all pinnacle studio windows 8.1 database files select FileSizeMB UsedSpaceMB me SpaceUsed 128.,2), UnusedSpaceMB me SpaceUsed 128.,2), DBFileName me from sysfiles.
Run the script p?topic_ID80355 declare @DBFileName sysname declare @TargetFreeMB int declare @ShrinkIncrementMB int - Set Name of Database file to shrink set @DBFileName 'nameOfDatabaseFileGoesHere' - Set Desired file free space in MB after shrink set @TargetFreeMB Set Increment to shrink file by in MB set.
Then for that you need.
Below script will help you to shrink datafile in increments - Shrink_DB_File.
Set Recovery first draft in 30 days pdf mode to simple, this will work and is best if your backup schedule.This technique also has the added benefit of defragmenting your indexes in the process.Because in such scenario your log won't be trimmed and it will skyrocket.Be sure to mark option Release unused space as the shrink action, click.However, you only need enough space in the new filegroup to hold the largest filegroup in the instance (as you will be reclaiming space as you go along).Of course, it does require you to have a bit of extra space for the new filegroup while the process is going.Combine this with as DanBig suggestion to Shrink the database by doing following steps: Open up Sql Management Studio, right click the database, Tasks Shrink Files.Dbcc shrinkdb (and its cousin shrinkfile) are extremely slow, because there is a lot of single threaded execution going on in that code.Under File Type, choose the the log file.Set @ShrinkIncrementMB to the increment to shrink file by in.If you would be using Grandfather Father Son backup technique.So considering that you set your database to Full Backup you need to either stop doing that and switch backup to Simple Recovery Mode endnote x7 mac word 2011 or start doing backups correctly and your log will be trimmed by backups.