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Soldier of fortune 2 widescreen patch

soldier of fortune 2 widescreen patch

It was not easy to come up with something that's fair for players with 4:3 and jdownloader portable mf identi 8:5 displays.
Since the missing information is at the top and the bottom, I don't consider this a big problem.Look at the Mumble website for more information.New commands and cvars for improved scripting capabilities.The table below shows the supported resolutions (you can list them in SoF with the 'vid_modes' command gl_mode, x-resolution, y-resolution 0 (disabled) (disabled) (disabled), some players are using widescreen displays with other aspect ratios, like 8:5 (16:10) or 16:9.If you keep the original menus, the bottom part age of empires 3 cheats pc of the menus may not be visible.Important - When you launch the game for the first time after this change, it might happen that it still uses the old FOV.Note that a changed FOV also affects gameplay: Small FOV makes the game feel slow and large FOV makes it feel fast (your real speed is always the same).Aspect ratio: 4:3 FOV: 95 Gain: 0 Notes: SoF default Aspect ratio: 4:3 FOV: 100 Gain: 20 Notes: Seems unfair to me Aspect ratio: 4:3 FOV: 105 Gain: 44 Notes: Seems unfair to me Aspect ratio: 8:5 FOV: 95 Gain: -17 Notes: Patched for widescreen.I've added new cvars sp_cl_vid_mode_0.Exe resolution patch, do not use this patch or the modified menus.
fixed global chat being obscured by scoreboard * added server option g_coloredTeamplayNames, defaults off.
When they play SoF in fullscreen mode, the image is distorted (squeezed vertically/stretched horizontally but the amount of information that is displayed, is the same.
No more annoying connection refused / violence settings are incompatible messages.
Force full-violence mode by default.
changed viewheight while crouched moving (g_proMode 1).
All anti-cheat software for SoF (Haxorcist, WaX, UAC3) is currently obsolete / unmaintained and it's unlikely that a new anti-cheat will ever be developed.added profanity checking * added protected names * changed team commands to only work for team leader.Check 'Link to Game and Transmit Position'.Widescreen, FOV and HUD fix for Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix.Note: SoFplus client can now be used to change your resolution and FOV.