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Steam turbine interview question answer pdf

steam turbine interview question answer pdf

In which zone of steam turbines has temperature-creep rupture been observed?
One-half of the diaphragm is fitted into the top of the casing, the other half into the bottom.What is a tapered-land thrust bearing?They hold the vane-shaped nozzles and seals between the stages.The velocity of the steam is about twice as fast as the velocity of the blades.Answer: In an extraction turbine, steam is withdrawn from one or more stages, at one or more pressures, for heating, plant process, or feedwater heater needs.Only turbines utilizing fixed nozzles are classified as impulse turbines.The leading edge of each sector is tapered, allowing an oil wedge to build up and carry the thrust between the collar and pad.
Steam escaping across the tips of the blades spotify web player ipad 1 represents a loss of work.
Turbine: Find 10,685 best turbine interview faq's (Frequently Asked hack za minecraft huzuni Questions) answers ebooks or pdf.
Here, each vane forms a nozzle; steam must flow through the moving nozzle to the fixed nozzle.
The turbine is to be run alone.In which part of the steam turbine does corrosion fatigue occur?The pressure at which the steam leaves the nozzle is known as back pressure.Answers: To avoid slugging nozzles and blades inside the turbine with condensate on start-up; this can break these components from impact.View Answer, discuss in Forum, workspace, report.The flow through a nozzle is regarded.Answer: Reaction turbines have axial thrust because pressure on the entering side is greater than pressure on the leaving side of each stage.