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The monkey king quest for the sutra

the monkey king quest for the sutra

Same goes with Sun Wukong, who simply looks like a human covered with long fur instead of the novel's description of an ugly demon who looks like Lei Gong (Thunder God).
Fairy Zilan is Betty, while White Bone Demoness is Veronica.
Big Eater : Zhu Bajie.Overly Long Name : Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing loved to recite the "long version" of their names.He also befriended a Judge from Hell and the Dragon Emperor of East Sea, such that they removed his name from the "Book of Life and Death" and gave him a Magical Cudgel as a weapon respectively.Zhu Bajie AND Sha Wujing fell in love with a spider demoness and a Magical Parasol spirit respectively.Episodes: 40, aired: Jul 10, 2002 to Sep 2, 2002.He was soon summoned to heaven to become a Protector of Horses.Contents, details, title: / Tsai Tin Daai Sing Syn Ng Hung eset nod32 keys username and password 2012 (Qi Tian Da Sheng Sun Wu Kong).HeelFace Turn : After being spared twice by Sanzang, the Snake Demoness attempted to pay back his kindness by saving him from getting cooked alive by Six Eared Macaque, at the cost of her own life.Nezha was corrupted by Tian Mo due to his anger against his father Li Jing for causing his mother's death.The series was first broadcast on TVB in 2002.
Adaptational Attractiveness : Sha Wujing looks like a normal human and isn't ugly looking at all.
This is in contrast to the novel's description of the original Wujing.
Tang Sanzang gave this to Sun Wukong for killing some demons-in-disguise passing by, whom haven't even attacked them.
She was brainwashed by Tian Mo as a result.
She tried using her new power on Wukong so that he can slap and humiliate Zilan.
In-Name-Only : It says a lot about the faithfulness of this adaptation (Or lack thereof) when it made the 1996 adaptation look like the 1986, 20ptations in both quality and faithfulness.
He's an original character that doesn't really show up in the novel.He never actually forced Sun Wukong to leave the party.He got better in time to fight Tian Mo in the finale.What the Hell, Hero?Most of his questionable acts like killing harmless people/demons were left out of the adaptation.Bittersweet Ending : Sun Wukong and Nezha successfully saved the entire universe from Tian.Redemption Equals Death : The Snake demoness' actions after she was spared a second time by Tang Sanzang despite attempting to eat him again.Giveaway Win a Box Full of Yummy Japanese Snacks!In this adaptation, it was the reverse, where Wukong tries to keep Buddha on his palm but failed.Informed Attractiveness : Fairy Zilan was described to be one of the most beautiful fairies on heaven.