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To-do bar calendar functionality in outlook 2013

to-do bar calendar functionality in outlook 2013

For example the lock-screen does not have the Australian date scheme of dd, mm, yyyy only the US date scheme of mm, dd, yyyy. .
Why leave screen space unused?
But in Outlook 2013 thats been inexplicably reduced to the current day only.But those elements are optional and theres no reason why the Outlook code cant cope with changing requirements to display as much information as possible.Is it that it is not possible to run the features or is it that they felt that no one used them? .To change the number of calendars that appear vertically, do the following: In any Outlook folder, on the.CodeTwo Public Folders, sadly, no, the Calendar section of the To-Do Bar has indeed been dumbed down to that in Outlook 2013.A workaround is to use the Copy to folder command (keyboard shortcut ctrlshifty) and choose the Calendar folder.Setting saved games of nfs most wanted realistic reminders is still the way.The amount of feedback in this tread and various other ones, ultimately lead to the reintroduction of the Upcoming Appointments feature in hotfix.
Granted, the Calendar section of the To-Do Bar mainly got feature cuts but the revival of the Upcoming Appointments feature will provide relief for most users.
Show Date Navigator, in the, number of month rows text box, type a number from 0.
The to-do bar is one example.
The navigation calendar doesn't support dragging messages to create appointments on a specific date.
This also applies to the Calendar Peek which shows when you hover on the word Calendar at the bottom of your screen.
One way to better deal with upcoming appointments is to set realistic reminders.Create appointments from emails and contacts.Set realistic Reminders, while the revival of the Appointments for Upcoming Days feature takes away the biggest complaint, you might not want to fully rely.I am not being mean spirited here just articulating a common sense reality.If you really need a reminder beforehand, you simply need to set this reminder to a proper amount of time on the appointment itself.Once the reminder pops up, you can snooze it for a specific amount of time or then set it to remind you 15 minutes beforehand after all.IMO it is not appropriate to remove these or any features entirely and replace them with less functional ones. .Not for the first time, we wonder at Microsofts thinking.Seeing how Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7 and 8 have seen new releases with lots of feature updates, the future Service Packs, refreshes and updates for Office 2013 might also contain more than just performance, bug and security fixes.To browse through the months, youll need to use the arrow buttons next to the name of the month (there are no keyboard shortcuts for this).To be fair, even with this altered and the Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 implementation of the To-Do Bar, you would leave it up to chance (how much space there is left) whether or not youd see any upcoming appointments.I am concerned that Microsoft (MS) is deprecating or reducing the function of too many things. .