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Er die Frauen an.

HandmaidS Tale Staffel 1

Die erste Staffel von The Handmaid's Tale - Der Report der Magd wurde in den USA vom . Entdecke die 10 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie The Handmaid's Tale - Der Report der Magd. The Handmaid's Tale Episodenguide Staffel 1. June Osborne wird beim Fluchtversuch aus Gilead gefangen genommen.

HandmaidS Tale Staffel 1 Staffel-Info

"Offred" ist die Premiere der amerikanischen Fernsehserie The Handmaid's Tale. Es wurde von Reed Morano inszeniert und von Bruce Miller geschrieben, der Material aus dem erschienenen Margaret Atwood-Roman The Handmaid's Tale adaptierte. Die. Episodenführer Season 1 – In der nahen Zukunft sind die Geburtenraten aufgrund von Umweltverschmutzung und Geschlechtskrankheiten ins Bodenlose​. Staffel 1 ()[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Die Erstausstrahlung der ersten Staffel wurde vom April bis zum The Handmaid's Tale Episodenguide Staffel 1. June Osborne wird beim Fluchtversuch aus Gilead gefangen genommen. Worum geht es in der 1. Staffel der Serie Handmaid's Tale: Der Report der Magd​? Im Mittelpunkt steht eine junge Frau namens Offred (im Deutschen Desfred) . Die Hauptrolle auf der auf dem klassischen Roman von Margaret Atwood basierenden Geschichte der Dienerin spielt Elizabeth Moss. Die Geschichte handelt. April ihre Premiere auf Hulu. Bei The Handmaid's Tale - Staffel 1 handelt es sich um eine Adaption der gleichnamigen Literaturvorlage von Margaret Atwood.

HandmaidS Tale Staffel 1

The Handmaid's Tale Episodenguide Staffel 1. June Osborne wird beim Fluchtversuch aus Gilead gefangen genommen. Worum geht es in der 1. Staffel der Serie Handmaid's Tale: Der Report der Magd​? Im Mittelpunkt steht eine junge Frau namens Offred (im Deutschen Desfred) . Entdecke die 10 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie The Handmaid's Tale - Der Report der Magd. June Osborne Movie Stream.De beim Fluchtversuch aus Gilead gefangen genommen. Dsds2014 mit June zu deren Tochter, die sie aber nur aus der Ferne sehen darf. April Kommentare zu The Handmaid's Tale - Staffel 1 werden geladen Produktions- unternehmen. Putnam verlangt für ihren Ehemann die härteste Strafe. Community Serien 70er Impressum Datenschutz Login.

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The Handmaid's Tale - Der Report der Magd - Season 1 - DVD \u0026 Blu-ray - Deutsch HD - FSK 16 HandmaidS Tale Staffel 1 The Handmaid's Tale. Season 1. The Handmaid's Tale Staffel 3 verrät in Folge 1 "Night", was mit June passiert, nachdem sie sich gegen die Flucht aus Gilead entschieden hat. The Handmaid's​. Die erste Staffel von The Handmaid's Tale - Der Report der Magd wurde in den USA vom . Entdecke die 10 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie The Handmaid's Tale - Der Report der Magd. HandmaidS Tale Staffel 1 HandmaidS Tale Staffel 1 Er wird von einer Gruppe ebenfalls Flüchtender gefunden und mitgenommen. June freundet sich mit ihrer Schicksalsgenossin Desglen an, die behauptet, Mitglied einer Die Unglaublichen Abenteuer Von Bella Stream zu sein. Nordkorea trifft Saudi-Arabien, mit dem alten Testament als Fundament. Glee Staffeln Anbieter. Als eine Frau versucht sich zu wehren, verliert sie zur Strafe ihr rechtes Auge. April USA auf Hulu. Bilder der Staffel 1. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Deswarren hat mit der Hilfe von Desfred und anderen die Geburt ihres Babys zumindest körperlich gut überstanden. There, they meet with a delegation of Swiss diplomats who are seeking to negotiate between Gilead Northanger Abbey Stream Canada and to take part in internationally broadcast mass prayers being held at the former Washington Monument that has now been turned into a giant cross, asking for the return of baby Nichole from Canada. Janine shouts that Commander Putnam promised to leave his wife for her. Fluch Der Karibik Im Tv Television Series — Drama. June and the Marthas help Alison escape. At the end, Serena tries to kill herself via drowning in the ocean, but changes her mind and walks by Fred. In exchange for a favor from Serena, June agrees to phone her husband Luke, in order to arrange a meeting between the Waterfords and Nichole. The Handmaid's Tale The Testaments Natalie is rendered Kino Asbach dead after the shooting and is placed on life support until her baby is born. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Waterfords, key players in the formation and rise of Gilead, struggle with the realities of the society they helped create.

During "the time before", June was married to Luke and had a daughter, Hannah. At the beginning of the story, while attempting to flee Gilead with her husband and daughter, June was captured and forced to become a Handmaid because of the adultery she and her husband committed.

June's daughter was taken and given to an upper-class family to raise, and her husband escaped into Canada.

Much of the plot revolves around June's desire to be reunited with her husband and daughter. In June , Reed Morano was announced as director of the series.

Fagbenle and Amanda Brugel in September On May 3, , The Handmaid's Tale was renewed for a second season to premiere in Alexis Bledel returned as a series regular.

If you hit a home run, you want energy to go around the bases, you want enough story to keep going, if you can hook the audience to care about these people enough that they're actually crying at the finale.

Season 2 was filmed in Ontario, primarily in Toronto, but some scenes were shot in Hamilton and Cambridge.

Season 3 started production in Toronto in October Season 4, which will consist of 10 episodes, began production in March , with Elisabeth Moss filming her directorial debut, but work had to be halted after only a few weeks, due to the COVID pandemic.

The first three episodes of the series premiered on April 26, ; the subsequent seven episodes were released on a weekly basis. In New Zealand, the series was released on the subscription video on demand service Lightbox on June 8, In India, the series premiered on February 5, on AXN and ran for the first two seasons before moving to Prime Video for Season 3, which made all three seasons available for viewing on January 31, The site's critical consensus reads, "Haunting and vivid, The Handmaid's Tale is an endlessly engrossing adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel that's anchored by a terrific central performance from Elisabeth Moss.

Daniel Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter called it "probably the spring's best new show". There was much debate on whether parallels could be drawn between the series and by extension, the book it is based on and American society during the Presidency of Donald Trump.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Beautifully shot but dishearteningly relevant, The Handmaid's Tale centers its sophomore season tightly around its compelling cast of characters, making room for broader social commentary through more intimate lenses.

However, other critics perceived the second season's depictions of violence as excessive. Sophie Gilbert wrote: "There came a point during the first episode where, for me, it became too much.

It all feels so gratuitous, like a beating that never ends. The site's critical consensus reads, " The Handmaid's Tale ' s third season reins in its horrors and inspires hope that revolution really is possible — if only the story would stop spinning its wheels and get to it already.

She claimed it is an improvement over the second season, "that rights many — though definitely not all — of Season 2's wrongs.

But Handmaid's regains its footing by setting off on a new path". Daniel Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter wrote a generally positive review, praising Elisabeth Moss's performance and the cinematography, but criticized the plot "that has become frustratingly repetitive".

Overall, he wrote, "Still occasionally powerful, but rarely as provocative". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American television series.

Tragedy [1] [2] [3] Dystopia. Daniel Wilson Productions, Inc. Stereo Hulu 5. Main article: List of The Handmaid's Tale characters.

Main article: List of The Handmaid's Tale episodes. The Federalist. Retrieved February 28, The Ridgefield Press.

Cord Cutters. Retrieved January 24, Studio Daily. Vanity Fair. Retrieved June 27, The lives and dreams that each character lost to this totalitarian regime have been laid out in excruciating detail before—but this week, the show lays those losses bare with more subtlety than perhaps any other episode.

In richer households, handmaids do the childbearing, Wives raise the children, and Marthas do the housework. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved January 14, Retrieved May 2, Retrieved February 11, Retrieved July 26, The Wrap.

Retrieved June 23, Retrieved September 4, Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved September 19, The New York Times. Retrieved July 28, The first situates the Gilead regime's quest to control the means of reproduction in the context of an enormous fertility collapse, caused by the combination of environmental catastrophe and rampant S.

Now, in the era of the Trump administration, liberal TV watchers find a perverse sort of comfort in the horrific alternate reality of the Republic of Gilead, where a cabal of theonomist Christians have established a totalitarian state that forbids women to read, sets a secret police to watch their every move and deploys them as slave-concubines to childless elites.

Daniel Wickham ed. Evangelical Focus. A clear example of Atwood's focus on the Reconstructionism of theonomy is his way of representing the death penalty.

April 25, Retrieved June 18, Retrieved May 12, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved July 24, Alex April 28, Retrieved February 16, Retrieved October 6, Retrieved September 18, Retrieved January 26, January 25, Retrieved May 21, Retrieved March 15, The Washington Post.

Retrieved May 30, Retrieved April 20, Retrieved January 12, Retrieved August 23, Retrieved January 5, Retrieved May 11, Retrieved April 14, May 23, Retrieved March 24, Retrieved December 16, Retrieved May 3, Retrieved June 11, Retrieved June 29, Retrieved July 6, Where is it set?

Retrieved September 16, Daily Hive. Retrieved December 2, Archived from the original on January 29, Retrieved September 14, Cambridge Times.

Retrieved May 7, Global News. Retrieved October 28, Digital Spy. Screen Crush. Toronto Star. Retrieved March 30, Because many handmaids were killed, some women from the Colonies are made to serve as handmaids again, including Janine and Emily.

Both reunite with June in the grocery store, where Janine happily tells June that it was God's plan that she be rescued.

June tells Emily her true name and several of the handmaids whisper their names to one another. Serena enlists June's help in performing Fred's work for him while he is hospitalized.

Moira is revealed to have been a surrogate birth mother for a couple and Odette was their obstetrician. In the present, Moira eventually finds photographs showing Odette was killed.

Serena gives June a music box and flower for June's help in completing Fred's work while he continues to recover in the hospital.

Serena tells June that the Putnams' child is ill and not gaining weight. June advocates for Janine to be able to see the baby, and Serena agrees to ask about it.

Naomi Putnam dislikes the idea, but she is overruled by her husband. Serena petitions Fred to allow the child to be seen by a Martha who, prior to the Sons of Jacob coup, was a top neonatologist.

Fred denies the request, so Serena forges Fred's signature on an order that temporarily transfers the Martha to the hospital.

Lydia tells June that she will hold her responsible if anything goes wrong with Janine's visit to the hospital. The neonatologist can find no physical explanation for the child's deterioration and recommends no further treatment other than supportive care.

When Fred discovers that Serena forged his signature on an order to temporarily transfer the Martha, he belts Serena. After Eden rearranges Nick's garret and uncovers the bundle of handmaids' letters, he demands that Eden never touch his belongings.

Jeremy Podeswa. The Waterfords and Nick travel to Canada on a diplomatic mission. While they are away, a young Guardian, named Isaac, is left in charge of the household.

Serena is approached by Mark Tuello, who works for a remnant of the U. At the Waterford residence, June tells Rita that when Hannah was baptized , she and Luke chose godparents for her, and that she wants Rita to be the godmother of her expected child as soon as it is born.

June makes a similar request to Aunt Lydia, prompting Lydia to reveal she was previously the godmother to her sister's baby, who died in infancy.

Luke, Moira, and Erin make the letters public, which prompts the Canadians to cancel the summit.

After returning to Gilead, Nick gives June news of Luke and Moira, adding that the letters were instrumental in curtailing the talks.

June reveals that Moira is Hannah's godmother. The commander to whom Emily is newly assigned as handmaid collapses and dies from a sudden heart attack during the Ceremony.

June suffers contractions while shopping, forcing her to go home and to endure a "birthing ceremony" as everyone awaits the birth of the child.

However, it turns out to be a false alarm. June pleads to Fred to be positioned closer to her daughter Hannah after the eventual birth.

After Fred denies this request, June implies that the child she is carrying is not his and that he will never have a child of his own.

Fred rapes June with Serena holding her down, under the guise of inducing the labor. Meanwhile, Eden finds herself attracted to Isaac and meets with him at night.

They kiss, but she stops once she sees Nick. She begs Nick's forgiveness, which he gives with a detachment that infuriates her.

She accuses Nick of liking June. Fred arranges for Nick to take June to a remote house for a visit with Hannah, now renamed Agnes. There is thick snow on the ground and the sound of wolves.

Hannah is initially shy and detached, but then she embraces June, and the mother and daughter have a brief reunion. After they are separated, Guardians take Nick captive, and June is left behind, having hidden in the house.

After Nick is taken away from the house, June finds a Chevrolet Camaro in the garage and car keys, and after much difficulty is able to start the car.

She returns to the house and gets a man's coat. Flashbacks throughout the episode show her first pregnancy, and Hannah's birth and childhood.

Fred and Serena arrive at the house in a panic, looking for June, and end up arguing, with Serena telling Fred she gave up everything for him and the cause, and only ever wanted a child in return.

June finds a gun and from an upper floor prepares to shoot them, but desists. The Waterfords are unable to find June and decide to leave, feeling both angry and concerned.

After she's certain they're gone, June, having contractions, gets back into the car but cannot get it out of the garage, which is frozen shut.

June is exhausted and in pain, lies down in front of the fire, and finally goes into labor and passes out. When she awakens she's covered in blood, but the baby still hasn't come.

She crawls outside and discharges the gun to attract attention, then ends up delivering the baby by herself.

She whispers that the baby's name is Holly, after June's mother. Light comes in through the windows, indicating that a car has arrived at the house.

June is separated from her baby but expected to provide milk. When she is unable to pump enough milk Aunt Lydia allows her to hold the baby in order to induce lactation.

As June's lactation increases during the meeting, Lydia convinces Fred to allow June back in the house for the baby's health. Nick, who is back in the Waterford household and presented as having been key to the rescue of June and the baby, suggests that he, June, and the baby should flee to Canada, and Fred attempts to renew elements of his relationship with June.

Meanwhile, Emily is reassigned to the Lawrence household as a handmaid after being rejected by four other couples. His unstable wife, Eleanor, reveals to Emily that Lawrence was the creator of the Colonies.

Lawrence reveals that he knows much about Emily's past. Eden and Isaac elope but are caught. Eden and Nick admit their faults and ask each other's forgiveness.

Eden and Isaac are brought to a public diving board above a swimming pool to be executed for infidelity; each of them is attached to chains and weights.

Both refuse to repent, and Eden instead begins to recite a biblical paean to love. They are both pushed off and drown to death.

The baby is named Nichole. It is revealed that Eden's father was the person who turned Eden and Isaac in.

While searching through Eden's belongings, June discovers a Bible that Eden read from and annotated, despite it being illegal for women to read in Gilead.

She is punished by having a finger removed. Emily is visited by Lydia and as Lydia leaves, Emily stabs her then flees.

Fred suggests to June that he could arrange for her to remain his handmaid, offering meetings with Hannah; June rejects the proposal.

As a fire consumes a neighboring house, Rita tells June that she and Holly have this chance to get out.

Nick prevents Fred from arranging their capture. Serena catches June, but has a change of heart as she imagines the restricted future that awaits her daughter.

She allows June to take Nichole, assisted by the Marthas. June is reunited with Emily, who is dropped off at the escape truck by Lawrence.

Instead of escaping with them, June hands her baby to Emily, telling her to call her Nichole. June turns back to Gilead, determined to continue looking for her other daughter Hannah.

June prays for the safety of Emily and Nichole, using words from Psalm Meanwhile, Emily escapes with June's baby Nichole into Canada after heavy currents in a river crossing, where they are granted asylum.

Nichole is taken into the care of Luke and Moira. Back in Gilead, June visits her older daughter Hannah before being recaptured by the Guardians and returned to the Waterfords, but not before Hannah's placement mother, Mrs.

MacKenzie, warns June that any more future visits could result in her execution in front of Hannah. In order to protect himself and Serena from her involvement in Nichole's "kidnapping", Fred publicly pins the blame on Emily, but privately, Serena defiantly tells him that she was the one who sent Nichole away.

Then, she tries to commit suicide by burning down the house, but is soon rescued by June. June, who is now called Ofjoseph, meets her new shopping partner, Ofmatthew, a handmaid who is deeply devoted to Gilead.

At the Lawrence household, June joins an underground resistance cell consisting of the Marthas Beth and Cora. They are hiding a fugitve Martha named Alison, a former chemistry teacher who joined the Mayday resistance in order to make bombs to destroy the Gilead ruling government.

It is implied that she made the bomb that blew up the new Rachel and Leah center in Season Two. June and the Marthas help Alison escape.

However, Alison's escape attempt fails and she later returns to the Lawrence household with another wounded Martha, who was shot by the Guardians.

Commander Lawrence reluctantly harbors the fugitive from the Guardians. Commander Lawrence's wife, Eleanor, who previously seemed unstable, helps June and the Marthas hide the wounded woman.

The Martha succumbs to her injury and June digs a grave for her in the backyard and then prays for her soul to rest in peace.

Commander Lawrence dismisses Cora for lying while June is burying the Martha. Eleanor plants flowers over the grave. June resolves to search for "allies with power", in order to survive Gilead.

The commanders meet at Commander Lawrence's house to discuss the fighting in Chicago including an incoming shipment of female captives.

June encounters Nick, who has been promoted to commander, and the two share a tender moment. Commander Lawrence conscripts June to select five Chicago women to serve as "Marthas"; the remainders will be shipped to the Colonies, which is ultimately a death sentence.

While unwilling to be complicit in Lawrence's crimes, June eventually chooses five Marthas who would make good recruits for her resistance cell: an engineer, an IT technician, a journalist, a lawyer, and a thief.

Meanwhile, a despondent Serena Joy goes to stay with her mother Pamela, who chastises her for losing her child and for not realizing that without Fred, Serena has no place in Gileadean society.

At the end, Serena tries to kill herself via drowning in the ocean, but changes her mind and walks by Fred. June and some other handmaids attend a reception at the Putnam household.

There, June convinces Fred to give his wife Serena a "voice behind the scenes" in Gilead. Flashbacks throughout the episode show June and Luke's baptism of Hannah by a Christian priest before the hostile takeover by the Sons of Jacob, who now dedicate children , rather than baptize infants.

In the present, June learns that Ofmatthew has given birth to three babies. Janine, serving as Ofhoward, pleads with the Putnams to invite her back into the house so that she can produce a sibling for baby Angela.

Aunt Lydia furiously rejects her plea, and then beats her in full view of the commanders and the wives until June throws herself between Janine and Lydia.

Aunt Lydia then apologizes for what happened. She later privately breaks down in tears. June and the Waterfords later receive video footage of Nichole with Luke in Canada, during a demonstration condemning Gilead's hostile assault on Chicago.

June is forced to confirm her husband's identity, which she does. In Canada, Emily finally reunites with her wife Sylvia and their son Oliver.

Luke and Moira request a Christian priest to baptize Nichole, which they do in a church. In exchange for a favor from Serena, June agrees to phone her husband Luke, in order to arrange a meeting between the Waterfords and Nichole.

Mark Tuello who Serena met the last time the Waterfords were in Canada is in charge of arranging the meeting. Luke agrees to the meeting on the condition that only Serena attend the meeting and not Fred.

Serena passes Luke a locket for Nichole, as well as a cassette tape she smuggled out of Gilead, containing a recorded message from June, revealing the name she gave to Nichole Holly and the baby's biological father Nick.

After unsuccessfully trying to convince Serena to defect for a second time, Mark hides a satellite phone in Serena's purse when she returns to Gilead, so she can contact him if necessary.

Later, June is picked up by Guardians and forced to participate in a televised broadcast in which the Waterfords state that they are a family mourning the kidnapping of Nichole and urge the Canadian government to return their daughter to Gilead.

Dearbhla Walsh. There, they meet with a delegation of Swiss diplomats who are seeking to negotiate between Gilead and Canada and to take part in internationally broadcast mass prayers being held at the former Washington Monument that has now been turned into a giant cross, asking for the return of baby Nichole from Canada.

Once there, both June and Aunt Lydia are shocked and appalled at how in Washington, the leadership caste has taken the rules of Gilead to shocking extremes: forcing all handmaids living there to be muzzled at all times in order to cover up small ring piercings used to permanently keep their mouths closed.

The two bond, as Lydia tells June she believes that handmaids should not be denied the right of speech. Commander Winslow suggests to Fred that he may have a position for him in D.

June reunites with Nick, who as a commander is now prepping military forces for the Chicago frontline against the rebels.

June makes a deal with the Swiss to convince Nick to provide information on Gilead's power structure. However, they reject talking to Nick upon obtaining information about unstated war crimes committed by him in the early days of the Gilead takeover.

June and Serena have an argument inside what used to be the Lincoln Memorial over Serena's change of heart regarding baby Nichole.

Afterwards, the Waterfords force June to lead tens of thousands of handmaids massed along what used to be the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in a televised prayer for Nichole's return.

While visiting a supermarket, June arranges with Frances to visit Hannah at her school in Brookline.

In Canada, Emily and Sylvia meet with a Swiss diplomat, who questions Emily about crimes she has been accused of committing in Gilead. Emily acknowledges them, but does not regret the actions she took to survive there.

Emily later befriends Moira and the two join a group of protesters who confront the Canadian Immigration Minister over his negotiations with Gilead, and they are arrested.

Olivia Winslow recommends to Serena that her family move to Washington, D. Fred and Serena renew their love for each other while negotiations take place to secure Nichole's return and an extradition treaty with Canada.

June convinces Eleanor to accompany her on a visit to Brookline, but the two are not permitted entry into the school.

June participates in a particicution where Frances and several others are hanged for "endangering a sacred child". June realizes that Ofmatthew was the one spying on her and reported Frances to Lydia.

June angrily attacks Ofmatthew, but is restrained by the other handmaids. Atomare Katastrophen, Umweltzerstörung und Geschlechtskrankheiten haben zu weitest gehender Unfruchtbarkeit geführt.

Die Gesellschaft wird von machtversessenen Führern in einem neuen, militarisierten, hierarchischen Regime des Fanatismus und in neu geschaffenen sozialen Klassen organisiert, in denen Frauen brutal unterjocht werden und es ihnen unter anderem nicht erlaubt ist zu arbeiten, Eigentum und Geld zu besitzen oder zu lesen.

Stattdessen sind die letzten fruchtbaren Frauen Eigentum bestimmter Männer. Als eine der wenigen fruchtbaren Frauen ist Desfred Elisabeth Moss eine Magd im Haushalt des Kommandanten, die zur sexuellen Knechtschaft gezwungen wird — ein letzter verzweifelter Versuch, eine zerstörte Welt wieder zu bevölkern.

In dieser furchterregenden Gesellschaft, in der ein falsches Wort ihr Leben beenden kann, navigiert Desfred zwischen den Kommandanten, deren grausamen Frauen, den normalen Hausmägden Marthas sowie ihren Mitmägden — von denen jeder für das System spionieren könnte — mit einem Ziel: zu überleben und die Tochter zu finden, die ihr genommen wurde.

Nie wieder Programm Höhepunkte verpassen!

June erinnert sich, wie alles angefangen hat, als sie und ihre Freundin Moira von Melisandre Barmann als "Fotzen" beschimpft wurden, ihre Kreditkarte gesperrt wurde und sie kurz darauf ihren Job verlor, George Rr Martin Bücher alle Frauen entlassen werden mussten. Regie führte Mike Barker. Offred Elisabeth Stichtag Kinoxeine der wenigen fruchtbaren Frauen, die in der Republik Gilead als Handmaids Serien 70er sind, ringt um ihr Überleben als Reproduktionsmaschine für einen Www Toggo De Spiele Kommandeur Joseph Fiennes und dessen hasserfüllte Ehefrau Yvonne Strahovski. Widerstand scheint zwecklos. Das Angebot sie zu schwängern, lehnt Desfred allerdings ab. Offred erinnert sich derweil an den unkonventionellen Beginn ihrer Beziehung zu ihrem Ehemann Luke O. Besetzung der 1. June sagt einer anderen Magd das Daniela Katzenberger Ex Freund Emily erhaltene Narcos Staffel 1 Deutsch Stream, um Mitglied des Widerstands zu werden. Originaltitel: A Woman's Place Erstausstrahlung: Geburtstag Birth Day. Namespaces Article Talk. Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama. June angrily attacks Ofmatthew, but is restrained by the Anil Kapoor handmaids. Retrieved January Spie Sag Gmbh, In the hospital, June encounters a young girl named Rose who has reached menarche and wants to bear children.


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